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Warning Signs & Red Flags: Free Download from Award-Winning Book

by Aaron Boe

“Relationships can be complicated.” But they shouldn’t be as confusing as they sometimes are.

“A relationship takes work.” But it shouldn’t take that much work, especially in a young person’s relationship.

How do we discern between what is and isn’t a big deal? How do we recognize if our friend’s relationship is unhealthy, abusive, or just normal?

Knowledge and insight can prevent a lot of pain.

We wanted to share insights from this award-winning book on social life and relationships, written to especially help young people and those who care about them most.

Although we tend to think that horrible things happen to “someone else,” there is no segment of society, no socioeconomic level, and no family profile that means our children are exempt from the risks of a hurtful and abusive relationship. We have looked in the eyes of people who are arguably some of the best parents in the world who share disturbing stories of their daughter’s or son’s experience in an abusive relationship.

Unhealthy relationships and abusive relationships in a person’s teens or 20s can lead to a long list of unnecessary pain and difficulties at the time, and it can also cause ripple effects of harm that takes years or a lifetime to heal.

“Isn’t it obvious?” That’s the problem. It’s not obvious. Most hurtful behavior is not stereotypical physical violence (although it may lead to that).

This free excerpt and the book itself is for…

College students. Teens. Parents of teens.

Parents of pre-teens. School principals, counselors, and teachers.

Simply click on the link below to download this excerpt–no email needed–and you will receive it. Share it freely. Together we can prevent a lot of pain, (potentially even save a life), and elevate the way we think about relationships for our young people and for ourselves.