Award-Winning Training that's Proven to Connect

C-Level to Entry-Level

C-Level to Entry-Level

Traditional training is notorious for not connecting. So we take a different approach.

Rather than your typical information-based training, we apply Behavioral Science to make training more effective at getting buy-in, influencing behavior and shaping your culture.

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What are Your Concerns?
  • Do You Wonder about Your Current Training?

    Do you hear criticism from your people about your sexual harassment training or ethics training?

    Do you feel it’s not connecting, even if people are not voicing negative opinions?

  • Do You Wonder How Effective Your Overall Strategy and Messaging Is?

    Do you wonder if your messaging has become “HR noise” or is at risk of creating issue fatigue?

    Do you feel like “improving culture” sounds nice, but is more like a buzzword than something you know exactly how to do?

Take the Guesswork Out of Optimizing Training & Preventing Harm
Take the Guesswork Out of Optimizing Training & Preventing Harm

These issues are complex and confusing.

HR professionals have multiple jobs; it’s not realistic for one person to be an expert on all those things. Even prevention experts often seek insights and curriculum on how to best engage men and optimize their training.

That’s where we come in.

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The Reality of Risk
  • Less Extreme is More Prevalent

    Less extreme actions and words are still harmful and costly. It is not only illegal behavior that creates problems, inappropriate and ineffective interpersonal and social interactions increase disengagement, turnover, and harm committed by a representative of your company’s name.

  • The Smartphones & Social Media Factor

    It only takes one text message. The human mind has a tendency to rationalize non-violent behavior as harmless or no big deal, even when it crosses the line and causes real harm.

  • People have Moral & Ethical Blind Spots

    Most training is written as if human beings are rational. Effective proactive prevention training requires a more strategic approach.

“There is no one better at talking to men about sexual assault prevention than Aaron Boe. He is real, he is engaging, and his approach is grounded in science.”
Dr. Gentry McCreary, CEO of Dyad Strategies
"Aaron Boe has a mastery of the relevant science and research that comes through in his curriculum and training. We contracted him and Culture Strength to advance our sexual misconduct prevention strategies, but his work has positively impacted our prevention work across a much wider spectrum of areas than we ever first envisioned."
Fred Dobry, Director of Risk Reduction, Sigma Nu Fraternity
"Our campus was looking for something different—we wanted a program that spoke to a wide range of audiences, incorporated required sexual assault prevention content, and also engages students in conversations about healthy relationships in a way that actually provided them with skills for navigating challenging and sometimes confusing situations. The Culture Strength workshop does all of that and more. Thank you, Culture Strength, for providing this powerful program for our students."
John Achter, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Students
Aaron Boe

Aaron Boe

Consultant. Trainer. Author.

National consultant and trainer Aaron Boe is an Award-Winning author and the developer of Award-Winning training systems.

Ask about availability to have Aaron as part of your team.

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Award-Winning Bystander Intervention Training

Bystander intervention training sounds simple because the idea is simple. Just get people to intervene, right?

But equipping people to realistically do something in complicated social situations is not simple at all. Effective training requires an approach of applying behavioral science and creativity on top of a deep subject matter expertise.

We can tailor a training for your people and organization.

The Way Forward - 3 Simple Steps to an Optimized Approach
  • 01
    Contact Us So We Can Tailor a Solution for You

    We believe you deserve training and guidance that works. These issues are too important for something that merely allows you to check the box. Now you can both check the box and accomplish many other goals at the same time.

    Your people deserve training and messaging that connects with them and is relevant and useful.

  • 02
    We Help You Optimize Your Training for Each Level

    We provide tailored on-site training as appropriate and can tailor e-learning content for specific roles in your organization.

  • 03
    We Partner with You to Ensure Successful Implementation

    We only feel we are done when you and your people feel you have training that is great and helpful.

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we put the fulcrum closer
we put the fulcrum closer

Our Culture Strength Framework is a seven step process that allows us to help you have a customized system of training and messaging.

Analysis, reports, recommendations, and tailored training and internal messaging that develops your people and culture.

What's Different About Culture Strength?
What's Different About Culture Strength?

Fifteen years ago, founder Aaron Boe began studying the issues of sexual assault, harassment, and abusive relationships. Because of the experience of someone close to him, he focused on searching for what would help prevent harm from occurring in the first place.

He saw that most people are “aware” these issues exist, but that these issues are confusing and complex, which feeds apathy, complacency, and resistance to traditional training.

As a former leadership trainer, he saw the need to take a holistic approach that would both prevent unethical behavior and develop people for positive lives.

Our Social Strengths™ approach is not about raising basic awareness of the problem. It’s designed to optimize connection, buy-in, and influence on behavior. This approach has received praise from all kinds of audience members, including former skeptics, victims/survivors, fraternity men, sorority women, athletes, counselors, prevention educators, and older professionals who “had already been through all this before.”

We partner with you to help you optimize your system of training and elevate your culture. Because we believe your people deserve training that works.

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