The Stakes are Too High for More of the Same.
The Stakes are Too High for More of the Same.

Campus & Fraternal Leaders are Looking for New Ideas and Realistic Solutions

Every campus is has been working on campus safety for years, but these issues are too complicated. Traditional approaches to risk management and raising awareness are not enough.

Title IX related issues of sexual misconduct, dating violence, stalking, and the problem of high-risk hazing activities requires a more innovative, science-based approach.

It requires APPLIED BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE X SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE to design more effective strategies to make your students safer.

Your Students Deserve the Most Strategic Approach Available
  • Award-Winning Workshops

    This evidence-based approach to prevention training and messaging has consistently been praised by both male and female students for it’s ability to connect, be relevant, and offer realistic solutions.

  • Next-Level Bystander Intervention Training

    Effectiveness is critical when it comes to bystander intervention training. Encouragement to intervene and short-term inspiration is not enough. Our Bystander Strengths workshop is an award-winning next-level approach that can either complement, replace, or be tested against the bystander training you have had in place for years.

  • Next-Level Training for Your Staff, Volunteers & Faculty

    Many campuses are wondering if they have to keep providing “more of the same” to their staff and faculty. Our training for staff, volunteers, and faculty is tailored for your audiences and allows you to provide them with science-based training that will connect.

Traditional training has proven itself to be insufficient, or even counterproductive. We apply several disciplines of science on top of subject matter expertise.
Traditional training has proven itself to be insufficient, or even counterproductive. We apply several disciplines of science on top of subject matter expertise.
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"Statistically significant changes were seen in all 13 outcomes measured."

We helped national fraternity Sigma Nu have a multi-pronged approach that was very well-received. It showed a significant impact on over a dozen mentalities related to ethical decision-making in sexual situations and conflict in relationships.

“There is no one better at talking to men about sexual assault prevention than Aaron Boe. He is real, he is engaging, and his approach is grounded in science.”
Dr. Gentry McCreary, CEO of Dyad Strategies
"Our campus was looking for something different—we wanted a program that spoke to a wide range of audiences, incorporated required sexual assault prevention content, and also engages students in conversations about healthy relationships in a way that actually provided them with skills for navigating challenging and sometimes confusing situations. The Culture Strength workshop does all of that and more. Thank you, Culture Strength, for providing this powerful program for our students."
John Achter, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Students
"Aaron Boe has a mastery of the relevant science and research that comes through in his curriculum and training. We contracted him and Culture Strength to advance our sexual misconduct prevention strategies, but his work has positively impacted our prevention work across a much wider spectrum of areas than we ever first envisioned."
Fred Dobry, Director of Risk Reduction, Sigma Nu Fraternity
“Aaron was incredibly helpful in engaging campus leaders in student affairs and athletics, re-envisioning our conversations with students around challenging topics like sexual misconduct to create intentional, sustainable change.”
Sandi Scott, Dean of Students, University of Wisconsin – Stout
“The Social Strengths approach provides men with a new way to think about sexual misconduct and what it means in today’s society. Men around the country are constantly educated on sexual misconduct, but it seems that it is always the same type of information. Social Strengths breaks away from the typical and allows men to engage in a conversation tailored around education and personal growth.”
Zachary Herge, Alumni Member and Consultant for Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity
Award-winning expert content to empower every sorority woman & female athlete
Award-winning expert content to empower every sorority woman & female athlete

96% agreed or strongly agreed – “As a result of this workshop, I believe more of my sisters will feel emboldened to expect respect for their wishes and feelings when it comes to consent and physical/sexual situations.” – Collegiate women of Zeta Tau Alpha

Provide Your People with Life-Changing Insights
  • Customized Curriculum Design
    Customized Curriculum Design

    Our Social Essentials Guide & Discussions resources help Kappa Delta national sorority impact thousands of collegiate women each year to recognize unhealthy and abusive relationships, expect respect, and help sisters and others in need.

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Dr. Matt Gregory

Dr. Matt Gregory

Experts at Connecting with Men

We are proud to have Dr. Matt Gregory as part of our team to help you prevent harm and develop men for positive lives. Matt possesses a truly rare blend of expertise. As a speaker and consultant, he draws from experiences as a collegiate athlete, fraternity man, police officer, conduct officer, graduate work in counseling, Title IX officer, student of restorative justice practices, Dean of Students, a husband, and a father of three daughters and one son.

Matt will connect with your men as a storyteller who can achieve true buy-in and shift the paradigms necessary to change behavior.

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    We can help you with services ranging from a keynote by Aaron Boe or Dr. Matt Gregory to a multi-level system of training for your students and staff.

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    Your students and staff are guaranteed to experience a fresh take on these challenging but critical issues.

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    We provide follow up guidance and answer questions as needed after training your facilitators.

We Specialize in Tailored Training:
Trustees and Presidents
Athletic Directors and Associate ADs
Title IX & Prevention Educators
Risk Managers
Counselors & Outreach Educators
Peer Educators
Department Heads & Faculty Trainers
Athletic Trainers
SAAC, IFC, Panhellenic Council, Student Government