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Every major scandal has occurred where policies and typical training were already in place. History has shown that typical training and emphasizing policies is not enough.

We can help you have a next-level approach based on science and proven to connect.

There is too much at stake to rely on status quo approaches that haven't worked.
There is too much at stake to rely on status quo approaches that haven't worked.
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Meet Compliance & Provide Life-Changing Impact for Your Athletes

Subject matter expertise is only the most basic level. It has been proven to be not enough. 

We help you by combining subject matter expertise with applied behavioral science and learning & development expertise (and creativity).

We understand these issues are complicated & confusing.
  • How do you have training that connects with people from skeptics to survivors?

    Clients often tell us they find it a challenge to provide training that connects with men and women from diverse viewpoints.

    We spent years developing our approach to training to make sure it connects with harder-to-reach people and is also the proper tone and content that victims/survivors praise.

  • How do you know what will actually influence behavior?

    We believe this is not the area for guesswork. So we provide you with guidance and training based in science and proven to connect.

  • What about other Title IX issues?

    Sexual misconduct is only one of the serious problems we must prevent.

    Our award-winning programs get to the root level to equip your student-athletes for healthier relationships in college and beyond.

The Power of Complete

The Power of Complete

Fill in the Gaps to Protect Your People and Provide Greater Impact

Our Complete Strength™ Programs are the ultimate one-two punch for both preventing harmful behavior and equipping your athletes for positive lives.

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Equally Strong Programs for Both Men and Women
Equally Strong Programs for Both Men and Women

Proven programs that help your women and men have healthy social lives and relationships in college and beyond.

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"Every person who hears Aaron Boe goes through life a better person with a better understanding of how to communicate well with others, as well as the impact all of our actions have on those around us."
Coach Matt Greason - Men's Hockey, Trinity College
"Our campus was looking for something different—we wanted a program that spoke to a wide range of audiences, incorporated required sexual assault prevention content, and also engages students in conversations about healthy relationships in a way that actually provided them with skills for navigating challenging and sometimes confusing situations. The Culture Strength workshop does all of that and more. Thank you, Culture Strength, for providing this powerful program for our students."
John Achter, Ph.D., Associate Dean of Students
Working with Aaron was like working with someone who could predict our student athletes needs before I could even describe them to him. His passion was contagious and his energy was captivating. Thank you Aaron for taking on challenging topics in a way that high school students can relate to. There is no doubt our athletes will implant your message into their everyday lives and become better students, teammates, and citizens of their communities.
Brian Strong - Athletic Director, Logansport High School
"This is great... everyone should get this!"
Professor of Psychology, after observing our workshop delivered by trained staff
"Player development is key for our success after our time on campus. Aaron Boe and his team have developed an approach that maximizes the impact in the limited time available to reach student-athletes. As a former athlete, I've seen first-hand the negative effects when athletes are not developed personally. This approach has been statistically proven to affect positive change in mindset and behavior."
Alex Taylor, Basketball - Huntingdon College
Aaron Boe was very engaging with our students at Coastal Carolina University and we thought he did a great job with the one-on-one interactions speaking to our male-led initiatives group. He gave us great ideas moving forward on how to teach our students about healthy relationships without over-saturating them with information. We look forward to putting his suggestions to work!
Denise Perez, Title IX Coordinator at Coastal Carolina University
“Aaron was incredibly helpful in engaging campus leaders in student affairs and athletics, re-envisioning our conversations with students around challenging topics like sexual misconduct to create intentional, sustainable change.”
Sandi Scott, Dean of Students, University of Wisconsin – Stout
  • Prevent Sexual Misconduct and Abusive Behaviors
    Preventing harm requires training that connects and shifts attitudes.
  • Prepare Your Student-Athletes for Positive Lives
    Our science-based character development approach is the ultimate combination of preparing for life while preventing unethical actions..
  • Know You Have the Most Complete System in Place
    Proven, science-based, multi-level, proactive training to optimize your approach in this area.
Now You Can Have Complete Proactive Training
  • Multi-Level Education & Training for Your Athletes

    Incoming Student-Athletes

    2nd, 3rd, and 4th Year Student-Athletes

    SAAC & Team Leaders


  • Equip Your Coaches

    Interactive expert training to equip your coaches to understand these confusing issues and optimize their influence

  • Advanced Training for Your Staff - Beyond the Basics

    Equip your staff with next-level training.

    Train-the-Trainer option to put our expert content in the hands of your staff.

97% of over 3,400 men agreed this workshop will reduce coercion.

Our Social Strengths™ Workshop is an interactive, developmental workshop on relationship skills and sexual ethics that has consistently connected with collegiate men across hundreds of campuses.

This is an innovative, science-based approach to preventing Title IX issues such as sexual misconduct and dating violence while also equipping young men and women for healthy personal lives and relationships.

Aaron Boe, M.S.Ed.

Aaron Boe, M.S.Ed.

Speaker. Trainer. Author.

National speaker and trainer Aaron Boe is an Award-Winning author and the developer of Award-Winning training systems on preventing sexual misconduct and abusive relationships while developing people for positive lives.

Ask about availability to have Aaron on your side, helping you equip your student-athletes, coaches, and staff in this complicated area.

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The Simple Way to Have a More Complete Approach
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    Schedule a Call

    We will discuss your goals and your current approach and recommend ways to strengthen your approach.

  • 02
    We Provide Your Speaking Programs & Training Package

    We will provide training, equip you with train-the-trainer & expert content, or a combination of both as we agree on in our discussions.

  • 03
    We are on Your Team to Ensure Success

    We remain available for guidance or for additional training to make sure you have what you need to optimally develop your athletes, educate your staff, and protect your programs and department.

  • Social & Relationship Strengths

    Sexual Misconduct, Dating Violence and Stalking are the most complicated areas to provide effective training and developmental programs.


  • Moral & Ethical Strengths

    We apply social psychology to help your student athletes accelerate their moral development so you can prevent problems outside the game and so they can live positive lives.

    Science-Based Character Development is what you have with our approach of developing your people and culture.

  • Mental & Emotional Strengths

    Dr. Brian Mistler’s I CAN HELP training for suicide risk reduction will help you prepare your staff and coaches with what they need to better prevent the most serious self-harm that can occur.

    We provide you with expert mental health training to equip your coaches, staff, and student-athletes with what they need in this critical area.

Science-Based Character Development

Science-Based Character Development

Training must shift attitudes & equip for real-world decision-making.

Policies and awareness-raising have proven themselves to be insufficient. People come to you in need of better education and training to make positive decisions.

Founder and lead speaker Aaron Boe is a pioneer in drawing from social psychology and related fields to optimize sexual misconduct prevention and abusive relationships prevention training.

We apply the science of decision-making and behavior to prepare your people for positive lives outside the game.



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