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The Culture Strength System of Prevention

Now you can go from having a speaker to having a system.

Sexual Assault and Misconduct, Dating Violence, Stalking, and High-Risk

These issues will not just go away. And every simple solution has been tried.

Campus professionals are in a difficult spot. There is more pressure than ever to prevent harm.

Making prevention even more challenging, some students and populations are resistant to much of the training and messaging intended to prevent harm.

We help you have a system of training and messaging that connects with your hard to reach
students and is adopted into their organizations to elevate behavior.

Our System approach is built from two award-winning workshops on sexual assault and dating
violence that thousands of fraternity men have praised for years, and from an award-winning book.

It’s like bringing in a speaker, except you’re bringing in a System.

For a summary of our proactive System of Prevention, just click on the link below for the PDF download.