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How Athletics Departments Can Prevent Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence

3 Keys to Preventing Harm & Developing Your Athletes for Positive Lives


Athletics Departments are in a difficult spot. Sexual assault and domestic violence are two of the most complicated issues in the world, and athletics departments are tasked with preventing them.

It can feel unfair, and in a sense it is unfair. Even most experts don’t know how to prevent these behaviors. They only know how to talk about them as problems.


For a collegiate athletic department, or for a football or basketball team, the stakes are high.

Life altering harm to the person violated or abused.
Reputational harm to the program and institution.
Tremendous drain on valuable resources of money and time.

Even though awareness is at an all-time high, these issues have not gone away. ADs and coaches are unsure of what more to do.

Here are three ways of viewing these issues that will help you strengthen your approach to
preventing harm and protecting your institution.

In a 5-minute read you can think through your True Goals, True Opponent, and the True System way of thinking to better protect people and your institution. Simply click on the link below for this free download to have and share within your coaching staff or athletics department.