We apply the science of human decision-making and behavior on top of subject matter expertise.

That allows us to tailor training and messaging for you that is better designed to connect with your people and change behavior.

Culture Strength is led by founder Aaron Boe. Boe is an award-winning author and award-winning program developer and the lead curriculum developer for Culture Strength. He leads the research on innovative science-based approaches to influencing behavior and preventing harm.

Consultant and Trainer Dr. Brian Mistler is a licensed psychologist and a thought leader on suicide risk reduction. His I CAN HELP suicide risk reduction system is a next-level training that can be integrated to build your capacity in this critical area.

Dr. Matt Gregory is a veteran Higher Ed administrator who consults and trains on engaging men and comprehensive primary prevention. His unique background in law enforcement, Title IX, restorative justice and training as a counselor provides depth and breadth for his consulting and speaking programs.

Kendrick Gholston helps athletics departments and coaches with comprehensive programs and tailored speaking engagements. Kendrick works with Aaron Boe and our Complete Strength System of developing athletes for complete success outside the game.



Founder, Lead Consultant and Trainer
Aaron Boe, M.S.Ed.
Aaron Boe, M.S.Ed.
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Executive Consultant & Trainer
Dr. Brian J. Mistler
Dr. Brian J. Mistler
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Consultant & Speaker
Dr. Matt Gregory
Dr. Matt Gregory
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Consultant, Speaker & Mentoring Program Leader
Kendrick Gholston, M.S.
Kendrick Gholston, M.S.
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Two decades ago, we were as confused as anyone about how to prevent harm.

We didn’t want to rely on guesswork. So we spent years collecting insights on human behavior and decision-making to find higher-leverage strategies to preventing harm.

Our award-winning programs and tailored guidance can help you have the higher-leverage approach needed to protect your people and organization.

We Tailor so We Can Optimize Effectiveness

We believe in tailoring each service for your needs. Our training, curriculum, and guidance are tailored for each audience and client because our scientific framework is based on preparing people for the specific challenges they might face.

Whether it’s a keynote or a customized curriculum project, we start with focusing on your situation and work backwards from there.

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Higher Ed & Fraternal

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Workplace Culture

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The Process
  • 01
    Contact Us Today

    We can schedule a call or communicate over email to move toward getting you the services that will help you most.

    For inquiries about a keynote or live training by Aaron Boe or Dr. Brian Mistler, it is important to contact us so we can either reserve time for you or work to find dates available.

  • 02
    We Can Decide Together on Best Options

    Options range from a one-time speaking program to a multi-year consulting engagement to help you dramatically elevate your systems of training and your development of people and culture.

    You know your people, challenges, and budget. We will work with you to figure out how we can help you most.

  • 03
    We Provide Help & Guidance for You

    We will implement services and solutions so your people and community can have training and education they appreciate and find helpful.

  • 04
    We Provide Follow Up Help if Needed

    We believe in being a partner and working with you in whatever ways you need to effectively protect your people and develop your people and culture.

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