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There is Too Much at Stake to Rely on Guesswork. We Can Help.
There is Too Much at Stake to Rely on Guesswork. We Can Help.
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Do You Wonder What More You Could Do to Prevent Negative Behavior and Elevate Your Culture?

Traditional training on serious issues is notorious for failing to connect. If training is not well-received then it can be a waste of time and money. 

You deserve training that connects with people from diverse worldviews. That way, your training can be a good investment that develops your people and helps craft your culture.

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Key Benefits
  • Prevent Harm from Occurring in the First Place
  • Take an Innovative Approach Based in Science that is Proven to Connect
  • Retain Your Talent
  • Have Aaron Boe or one of our other experts train your people.
The Whole Goal
The Whole Goal

“Not illegal” is not a good standard for excellence.

Inappropriate and Ineffective behaviors are even more common and are very costly.

We saw that a different approach was needed. We believe in The Whole Goal. We believe you deserve a training solution that will connect and gain true buy-in on elevated standards.

“There is no one better at talking to men about sexual assault prevention than Aaron Boe. He is real, he is engaging, and his approach is grounded in science.”
Dr. Gentry McCreary, CEO of Dyad Strategies
“The Social Strengths approach provides men with a new way to think about sexual misconduct and what it means in today’s society. Men around the country are constantly educated on sexual misconduct, but it seems that it is always the same type of information. Social Strengths breaks away from the typical and allows men to engage in a conversation tailored around education and personal growth.”
Zachary Herge, Alumni Member and Consultant for Phi Kappa Psi Fraternity
“Aaron was incredibly helpful in engaging campus leaders in student affairs and athletics, re-envisioning our conversations with students around challenging topics like sexual misconduct to create intentional, sustainable change.”
Sandi Scott, Dean of Students, University of Wisconsin – Stout
"Every person who hears Aaron Boe goes through life a better person with a better understanding of how to communicate well with others, as well as the impact all of our actions have on those around us."
Coach Matt Greason - Men's Hockey, Trinity College
Working with Aaron was like working with someone who could predict our student athletes needs before I could even describe them to him. His passion was contagious and his energy was captivating. Thank you Aaron for taking on challenging topics in a way that high school students can relate to. There is no doubt our athletes will implant your message into their everyday lives and become better students, teammates, and citizens of their communities.
Brian Strong - Athletic Director, Logansport High School
More about Culture Strength

A strong culture has the power to influence decision-making and elevate behavior.

But it takes certain practices to build a strong enough culture to both eliminate harmful behaviors and improve positive relationships.

We can help you optimize your approach to preventing sexual assault and misconduct and other unethical behaviors, and in a way that will also develop your people.

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